We are in a climate emergency and we can help!

We are all born into a world that needs us. Our Mother Earth is crying out in distress everywhere. This is our moment to show up for her – individually and all together - to help make hope happen for the future of all life on Earth.

There is A Hopeful, Achievable Vision
The Green New Deal –
a Non-Partisan Plan for a Healthy,
Just and Prosperous Future.
We Can and Must Support this

See and download The Pact for a Green New Deal here

Here’s what we will have accomplished by 2030 by implementing the Green New Deal
for Canada

We have shifted from a problem economy to a solution economy.

Our country is economically prosperous with massive job creation in renewable infrastructure, retrofitting of buildings, land restoration and green technology.

We will have come together in collective purpose – empowered by defending life on earth and Indigenous Rights at the same time.

We are no longer dependent on destructive fossil fuels, we are using renewable energy - solar, wind, hydro and geothermal to power our country.

No one has been left behind.

Here’s what we can do to
Make Hope Happen

Everything we love is on the line.

We are a Non-Partisan group of citizens determined to hold financial institutions, political parties and MPs accountable for climate action that matches the magnitude of the climate emergency we are facing.