The difference we make today counts in all our tomorrows.

Our beautiful Earth is experiencing a climate crisis that is heading out of control.

As young climate activist, Greta Thunberg says,
Our home is on fire. We need to act. Where there is action hope is everywhere.

We didn’t get out of the Stone Age because we ran out of stones. We found something better. Let’s work together to go forward from the Fossil Fuel Age to the Renewable Energy Age.

Here’s how we can help!

Talk to everyone you meet – friends, family, colleagues, strangers - about the Climate Crisis and how we need to help NOW.

Check Out: Climate Change Canada Undeniable The Star – for updates to talk about.

Learn and talk about the huge impact we can all individually have if we ‘VOTE with our Dollars’ on every purchase we make, and hold our banks and financial advisors accountable for keeping our money out of fossil fuel investments.

Learn and talk about the Green New Deal – the non-partisan plan for the future we want for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. Here are two powerful links to Information and Action on the Green New Deal: a Green New Deal for Canada - Greenpeace and

Learn and talk about Greta Thunberg - her urgent pleas for action from governments around the world – and the general strike she is calling for on September 20th.

Check out: Greta Thunberg for updates.

Learn and talk about “Delivering Community Power” a proposal to revitalize Canada Post as the engine of the new economy. Imagine charging stations for electric vehicles at post offices, postal banking, door to door checking in on seniors and people with mobility challenges. Join the campaign to make this happen!

Learn and talk about how rationing our air travel can help, and how buying ‘Carbon Offsets’ can help if and when we really do have to fly.

Check out:

Learn and talk about how hyper-miling – Driving a max speed of 90km/hr on highways can save you 20% on gas. Slow stops and starts can save a further 10% on gas.

Planning before driving can help you cut your km/week.

Learn and talk about how plastics are damaging and threatening our Earth – Declare a personal war on plastics – use reusable containers, buy in bulk.

Checkout: CBC Market Place Plastic Waste

We are a Non-Partisan group of citizens determined to hold financial institutions, political parties and MPs
accountable for climate action that matches the magnitude of the climate emergency we are facing.