We need your

Vote for Our Kid’s Futures

With every dollar you spend or invest


Every purchase we make is a personal vote
for the kind of world we support and want for
ourselves and for generations to come.

Before you Buy - Read Labels:

  • Is this item local, Canadian, North American?
  • Is it Fair Trade? Is it Organic?
  • Is it overpackaged in plastic?

Don’t buy anything that goes against your values or your concern for the health of our planet. Find an alternative product or producer that supports your values and concerns.

Before you Bank or Invest - Ask Questions and Give Direction:

Tell your Bank and/or your Financial Advisor that you don’t want any of your money supporting Fossil Fuels in any way – directly or indirectly.

There are sound alternatives in renewable ‘new economy’ investments.

It is your money – make it work for your values!

Voting with your dollars is one of the most powerful ways
you can help secure a healthy future for everyone you love.

Talk about it with your family and friends –
spread the word everywhere.

We are a Non-Partisan group of citizens determined to hold financial institutions,
political parties and MPs accountable for climate action that matches
the magnitude of the climate emergency we are facing.